Multi-Genre Projects

In the Kingdom of the Lost

The layout of my project is overwhelming, irritating and confusing. I chose to do this to show how hatred and oppression create a chaotic place and to show how all of this is inter-related. This project is a love challenge. The intention is for the readers to be disgusted and saddened by how overwhelming it is. This is to make people aware of what realities exist, whether they experience them first hand or not and to cause them to take action by becoming better themselves and reaching out to help others with kindness and love. My hope is that by seeing such hate, violence, oppression and pain, readers will realize the struggles that people face and will become motivated to love; and so, it becomes a love project.

Note: The “you” throughout the text is a doubling of the audience with the concept of love.

This Truth is a Lie

This project shows different perspectives as they relate to happiness and how happiness is defined, sought, created and found, through both reality and illusion, for individuals. It makes a statement on how people view and interact with the ideas, circumstances and events that surround them. Happiness belongs only to the person experiencing it, however that may be.

Note: The visual arrangement of the words on each page represents “the cup as…”

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