Sure, you see the word academic and your mouth is already starting to open as you try to stifle a yawn, but not to worry because this section provides you with a different take on academics. Here you will be brought into the experience of research, review, critical analysis, information portrayal and, of course, the position paper.

At World’s End: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse the Canadian Way

When the zombie pandemic breaks out, Canada just might be the only country to survive. This essay examines the possibility of Canada surviving a zombie apocalypse and how Canada is one of the few countries that is equipped to do so.

Nongovernmental Organizations: Success Beyond Limitations

The role NGOs have is crucial in the development of nations despite the limitations placed upon them. This essay explores the limitations of NGOs and how NGOs have been beneficial in developing nations despite these limitations.

Understanding Familial Involvement from the Perspective of Long-Term Care Residents

Relationships inevitably change when seniors are institutionalized in long-term care and this can be percieved in different ways by senior citizen residents which affects their own well-being. This research proposal outlines a research project to be undertaken for understanding how levels of familial involvement affect the residents in long-term care.

Edgar Allan Poe: Finding the Balance in “The Purloined Letter”

This is a review of Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Purloined Letter” in the detective fiction genre.

The Value of Japanese Mythology

This essay delves into Japanese mythology and delivers an account of its importance to the culture and heritage of Japan.

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